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barbora jamrichova object
barbora jamrichova object

photo by Kristína Rigasová

This project is about our constant attempts to understand things and about our will to handle them. The form I have chosen for my pieces – objects intended for hand – also works as a metaphor. When we want to discover more about what caught our attention, we usually touch it. The hand is the primary way of getting closer.

Objects for hands, objects that are meant to be grasped. Does the physical grasping of the thing coincides with the grasping of it by our mind?

Objects and things are everywhere around us. We are in contact with them continuously and relate to them in every action. In everyday life we mostly think only about their purpose, which can lead us to lose the awareness of the object itself. Since we perceive them just through their functionality, things as “individuals“ can be easily overlooked. By removing their functionality I wanted to take them away from the familiar world and make the object become a “stranger“. Ambiguous appearance makes our approach to the object uncertain. We can not handle it anymore – so we try to get closer again by giving meanings to it. As more people relate to objects, the more different meanings come up. However, given meanings are not the substance of the thing. As Jane Bennett says, objects are “… as vivid entities not entirely reducible to the contexts in which (human) subjects set them, never entirely exhausted by their semiotics.“

view into the exhibition. objects. beech wood, jade, sodalite, marble

photo by Jan Skalican and Matus Cepka

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